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American Jungle is the latest addition to the History Channel primetime line up. With big shows like Swamp People, Ax Men and Mountain Men that draw large and loyal fan followings History hopes American Jungle will do the same. It’s a reality series following several groups of men who have chosen to live in the Hawaiian jungles off the Pacific Ocean. They are not their for vacation. Living soley off the land learning to survive hunting wild animals. There is also elements of competition as these clans are competing for food and territory on the paradise island. This show has all the things viewers flock to this channel for.

Rosa Clan American JungleRosa Clan  is made up of Tony, Isaac and Chuck. Chuck Rosa is the matriarch of the clan his son Tony joined along and today he is responsible for training his son Isaac how to survive and live off the land. Of all the clans this family is the originals and have been on the island for the longest. They have a feud with the Correas which goes back generations starting with Chuck’s father and Pa’s father. These guys are the real deal and have skills and techniques to truly survive and outlast any other humans who think they can rough it out Their family have been on the island for over 100 years. The Rosas first migrated to the Big Island during the cattle boom in the early 1900′s which made them true authentic cowboys as time went on with other competition and businesses from the food industry hunting cattle it posed a growing threat on the family for over 30 years. As time went on the Rosa clan had to adjust and survive from hunting.

They began to rely exclusively on jungle hunting trails they carved when they weren’t running cattle. Now, they choose to survive completely on the jungle to feed their family. The Rosas’ chief rivals on the island are the Correas, a clan they have feuded with for almost 40 years.

According to legend, Tony and Chuck’s father was a cowboy with a passion for hunting until the day he encountered a barefoot hunter on one of the family trails. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but a gun was fired close to his head, and he returned home nearly deaf and no longer able to hunt.

Correa ClanCorrea Clan Pa Correa is the leader of the Correa clan and is a descendant of the “Barefoot Hunter,” a legendary hunter from the island of Oahu. The family moved to the Big Island in the 1970′s. At that time this part of Hawaii was becoming a tourist attraction, and resorts, hotels and other luxury stays were being built and began to take over most of the land. Pa was raised hunting on the land and as business and tourist moved in it became a more difficult challenge for the Correa clan to continue to live on the land.

There is something very interesting with the Correa clan. Their biggest nemesis is the Rosas. It’s been over 5 decades and the two families have it in for each other, slightly similar to the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys. The feud all began with Pa’s father. He went on a hunting trip in the Big Island which is where the Rosas have roamed, dominated and acquired as their own. After this trip Pa’s father returned home severely injured after an altercation with some of the hunters. He told his son Pa that if he should ever go to the Big Island do not mess with the Rosa family.

Pa carved out his own trails from the jungle, and wild game meat became the main source of food for his rapidly growing family. His youngest son, Duane, remembers being poor as a child, but always knowing there would be fresh pork to eat each day. Pa’s hunting abilities were so effective that he brought home enough food to also feed the local children he adopted. At one time, there were nearly 20 immediate family members who relied on Pa and the wild game he caught.

After years of hunting on the land and roughing it Pa realizes his body is slowing down and his time will come one day. He wants to figure out who will lead the clan without him.

His eldest son, Greg Correa, is the strongest and the best fighter in the family, but younger son, Duane Correa, is the better hunter and known for his cleverness. Pa knows one day soon he’ll need to make a hard decision and pick which of his sons will lead and provide for the clan.

The OutsidersThe Outsiders Mike and Big Joe are my favorites of the series. These guys are considered the Outsiders because of the clans they are not from the Big Island and are the newest to hunt on the land. They’ve been roaming the Big island for almost 12 years but still lack the respect and acknowledgement from the other families.

The Spear Clan Spear Clan is made up of Scotty Boy, cousin Charlie Boy and friend Sherman. Like the Rosas who came to the Big Island during it’s cattle industry peak Scotty Boy and Charlie have roots on the island that capitalized on the cattle. His family is heirs to Hawaiian royalty dating back to the 1800s. Scotty lived a normal life. He went to college and majored in Business but decided that the fast pace and stress of office jobs was not the lifestyle he desired. He returned home to continue the tradition of living soley off the land and like generations before him. He takes great pride in his heritage and although his family’s history runs deep on the island he might be in a multitude of altercations with other clans like the Rosas who feel they have established themselves as the rightful heirs and owners of the land.

Blood ClanBlood ClanJohnny Blaze, Eric and Kalei make up the Blood Clan. This group of guys are the only ones who hunt on the Big island and believe the land belongs to no one. They are rebels without a cause and aren’t afraid on stepping on any other group’s toes. Johnny Blaze is the leader. He is a former football star who learned to hunt and scavenge the land from his mentor Kalei. After hunting with the clan for years Johnny became the leader. The Blood Clan are the least known by the others. No one really knows what part of the island they inhabitant and they are rarely seen. The Blood Clan practice rituals that might been seen as weird by others like drinking the blood of dead animals.

Cowboy ClanCowboy Clan is lead by Curly and they are also another group that doesn’t believe any trail on the Big island is owned by anyone. Curly respects the land as did his ancestors. He is a descendant of the Californian Mexican vaqueros.

Ocean Clan